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Thermal Transfer Ribbons for every purpose



Smooth & Strong –
Labeling with KURZ TTR

From product names and barcodes to QR codes and batch numbers, product labeling must be reliable, robust, and durable to make your logistics process run smoothly. Our thermotransfer ribbons are the perfect all-rounders for your label printing – they’re extremely versatile, scratch- and abrasion-resistant in everyday use, and quick and adaptable during processing. And all that, of course, at an ideal price-performance ratio.

Give us a try and become the king in the labeling jungle with the super-strong ink transfer ribbons from LEONHARD KURZ.

Our Thermotransfer USPs:

  • Reliable print performance for optimal readability
  • Suitable for almost all applications
  • High printing speeds
  • Low migration thanks to 'dry varnish'
  • Global, short notice availability
  • Excellent value for money
  • Expert advice and technical support wherever you are

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for every purpose



TTR Colors by KURZ – The Star in The Team

You know what it’s like: After months of hard work, your freshly launched product finally hits the shelves. From the first idea to the final packaging detail, everything has been perfectly thought through, planned, and designed, except for ... the product labeling.

Black stripes on a white background rarely go well with an attractive packaging design. That’s why we’ve developed an all-round successful design concept for you – product labeling included! How does it work? With thermotransfer ribbons to suit your individual preferences: Whether it’s precious gold, modern pastel shades, or bold neon colors, we adapt our ribbons precisely to your application. Of course, no matter what color you choose, you’ll benefit from our usual high-quality level and global availability – for both standard and corporate designs. Order your sample package now or arrange a consultation appointment.

Discover our wildly exciting TTR color schemes!

Thermotransfer Ribbons for every purpose

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Thermal Transfer Ribbons for every purpose



No Chance for Counterfeiters!

The often inferior quality of counterfeit products can have serious consequences. Counterfeit health and safety-related products such as medicines, electronics, or automotive and machine components represent a serious threat. Popular ways of channeling fake goods into supply chains are, above all, container traffic and the mixing of original goods and counterfeits in one shipment.

The solution: Regularly check your shipments within the supply chain and detect counterfeit products before they reach the end consumer. We’ll show you two smart ways to protect your supply chain quickly and reliably:

TTR Unique UV

Minimum effort with maximum security: Our TTR Unique UV security features with fluorescent properties are always incorporated into the ink ribbon on a customer-specific basis. Finally, customers can verify their particular design using a conventional UV lamp.

  • Scratch- and smudge-resistant security labeling
  • Tamper-proof UV security designs
  • Customizable security features such as logo, icons, etc.
  • No additional application equipment needed
  • Easy product verification with a UV light source

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This kind of product protection is unique! Because only you know where the completely invisible security features are hiding. And only you have the technical equipment to read them. This means that this protection solution harmonizes perfectly with your labeling and offers the perfect camouflage effect.

  • Unique, customized security elements
  • Fully invisible within the thermotransfer ribbon's ink layer
  • Tamper-proof, scratch- and wipe-resistant high-end labeling
  • Can only be recognized and verified with your TTR Unique VEROSPECTOR test device
  • Suitable for use in any (commercially available) flat head label printer

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